TISS Report

Highlights of TISS Report on BREAD Children’s Library program:

1. BREAD libraries are the “largest network of school libraries in the country”.
2. Extremely impressive achievements both in terms of the operational model as well as its many positive effects.
3. Cost effectiveness and efficiency are the hallmark of the program.
4. Remarkable range of age appropriate books better than govt. school library books.
5. It was only through BREAD library that students borrowed books for the first time to take them home and read.
6. Teachers created interest among students in reading books catalyzing their academic and overall development.
7. Parents, siblings and friends too showed interest in books borrowed home by the children.
8. The importance of having such BREAD libraries in rural schools in particular cannot be overemphasized since the possibilities of accessing reading materials in the villages either do not exist or are very limited.
9. Helped in school activities ranging from speeches given by students in morning assembly and in inter and intra school competitions to developing projects for mandatory continuous and comprehensive assessments.
10. The presence of the library in fact has enabled schools to engage their students in constructive ways during unscheduled “free” slots that surface at times due to a teacher’s absence.
11. Showed that interesting age appropriate books make a difference in reading culture, not necessarily expensive books.
12. The model has multiple features.

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