Scholars’ Homes

Field Visits to Scholars’ Homes

64 Scholars’ Homes in Krishna, Medak and Karimnagar districts were visited between January and March 2007. A photo album of all places visited speaks for itself. Findings of this study are similar to those of the earlier study.

  • Almost all scholars are first generation learners.
  • Some parents know to read and write but are engaged in semi-skilled or unskilled work.
  • Most of the parents are marginal farmers, labourers, tailors, weavers, taxi/auto drivers, mechanics, masons, petty traders, etc.
  • They are mostly engaged on casual basis with no regular incomes.
  • Very few of them are doing clerical jobs and that too in private places with meagre incomes.
  • Most siblings of BREAD scholars appear to be equally good in studies.

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