BREAD Scholarships

BREAD Society identified students with govt. high school education background as belonging to marginalized sections of the society. It awarded scholarships to about 3,400 brilliant students from govt. schools in composite Andhra Pradesh to pursue higher education in govt. colleges in any branch of education. It also gave scholarships for further higher courses of study to enable them to attain their maximum potential.

In 2009-10, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has waived tuition fee for higher education for certain categories of students and from the following years to almost all categories of students. BREAD Society, therefore, discontinued its scholarship program and instead took up the program of setting up Children’s Libraries in govt. high schools.

BREAD Society has revived its Scholarship program for a brief period in 2016-17 to Diploma in Education students with govt. high school education up to SSC and getting admitted to 1st year of D.Ed. in Govt. DIETs. It has awarded scholarships to 80 D.Ed. 1st year students in 2016-17 and has discontinued the program after renewing their scholarships in 2017-18. It is now focusing on its Flagship program of BREAD Children’s Libraries.

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