BREAD Children’s Library

BREAD Children’s Library

Reading habits of govt. school students are confined to notes dictated by teachers, published guides and sometimes text books. While almost all govt. schools have libraries, use of those libraries is restrictive in nature due to operational difficulties. To inculcate reading habit among students, BREAD has set up 1329 Children’s Libraries in govt. schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in eleven years, each library consisting of 600-650 books and a bookcase with four hanging glass doors.

Selection of books
An Expert Committee selects about 600-650 books of interest to 5 to 14 year age group children with colorful graphic designs on stories with moral values, history, biographies, epics, culture, country’s freedom, mathematics, science, geography, general knowledge, personality development, puzzles, sports etc.

Selection of beneficiary school
Donor has the first option to choose a school of his choice. If the choice is left to BREAD Society it now selects Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) if 10 or more of its students (average strength of students in SSC is 36) secure 9.1 to 10 GPA in SSC examination. The second choice is Upper Primary schools securing 3 or more NMMS awards. The third choice is Govt. Girls High Schools securing 6 or more NMMS awards. And the last choice is govt. high schools securing 6 or more NMMS awards. BREAD had to setup libraries in schools with 4 NMMS awards in 2019-20.

KGBVs are residential schools setup in Backward Mandals with lowest women’s literacy in the country. Girls studying in these schools are mostly dropouts, single parent children, orphans and poor students. They are not allowed to appear for NMMS test as govt. provides free education, books, food, shelter and other needs. Hence, results of SSC exam have been taken as eligibility norm.

NMMS is a central govt. scheme to arrest dropouts. A National Level Test is held nationwide in 8th standard for students of govt. and aided schools. Successful students are awarded Rs.12,000 scholarship per annum for 4 years till completion of higher secondary education.

Systems and processes
BREAD Society’s systems and processes of operating libraries are comprehensive. Class teacher selects a responsible student from each class, preferably a girl in addition to class leader to manage the library. Library teacher trains them to issue books to their classmates. Students managing libraries imbibe spirit of volunteerism at a young age. Students borrow a book of their choice in the library period and return it in the next library period. They can read books in the library till they return the borrowed book. Students borrowing books during vacations can exchange books with their schoolmates and read many more books. They can return any library book that is with them at the time on reopening of the school.

BREAD Children’s libraries are ensuring that books are accessible to students, encouraging them to operate and manage libraries, given the opportunity, and enthusing them to read books of their choice. All the activities of BREAD Society are standardized, objective and transparent, leaving no scope for bias. Over 550,000 children can access and read books from 1,300+ libraries.
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