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BREAD Children’s Library program

BREAD Society establishes Children’s libraries in govt. schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Library has 600-650 curated books with colorful graphic designs on moral values, history, biographies, epics, culture, science, geography, mathematics, general knowledge, personality development, puzzles, sports etc. The books are age appropriate. Children borrow books to take home. This helps spread of joy of reading beyond the boundary of the school. BREAD libraries are replenished with additional books every year.

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Listing with GiveIndia:

imageBREAD Society is listed with GiveIndia, a networking organization, since 2013. GiveIndia lists voluntary organizations after conducting a due diligence test which includes visits to program sites and physical verification of office records, accounts, Minutes books et al.

They also visit library schools at random to check the accuracy of our Feedback Reports. GiveIndia’s funding is substantial to BREAD libraries and is increasing from year to year.

Give India has started a new site for its partners. Link to our page:

Importantly, you can be a fund raiser for BREAD Society. Admn. charges are just 7% instead of the usual 10%. We can raise funds from abroad as GiveIndia will give 501C 3 tax benefit certificate to USA donors. Small foreign donations in the range of $ 10 to 50 will help us provide more new books to existing libraries. So also, Indian donations in small amounts Rs.350 for gifting 10 books, Rs. 700 for gifting 20 books are welcome and will be helpful.”

Partnership with Global Giving Foundation

BREAD Society is a partner of Global Giving Foundation. BREAD has attained the status of a Super Star within a few months. It has received the following three Badges in 2020″ with “It has received the three Badges of Vetted, Effective and Top Ranked organization in 2020.

Global Giving Donors have given a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85 for our project in Sept. 2019, a tool used to get feedback from donors about performance of the project. Global Giving has further clarified to quote in their own words “85 is a VERY high score! A great score is deemed as anything 50+ and 85 is really unheard of, so congrats! You can put this in your next report if you want to let donors know!

Independent Assessment

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Hyderabad conducted a field research study of BREAD Children’s library program sponsored by WATIS (Wipro Applying Thought In Schools) and its Report was submitted in October 2017.

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